See Beyond Your Current Perception To Live A New Reality

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See Beyond

Your Current Perception

To Live A New Reality

Is there any better time for you to look beyond your current perception? It would be an understatement to say we are in the thick of it. "It" being a total shake-up, reconfiguration and transformation of our lives, all of our systems and world, which will and does affect every person on the planet more deeply than we realize.

A lot is going on that many are seeing as upheaval, destabilization, chaos, confusion and uncertainty. However, at the same time, there is a feeling of excitement in knowing that we are going through a redesign of our way of life. As much as our old world has provided us with an exciting and somewhat unique experience, we have very much outgrown it for quite some time, and we are ready to move on.

Humanity is most certainly at a tipping point where all our actions, deeds and thoughts count more than ever! There appears to be a divide in humanity, which further accentuates the choice point that's upon us. We are pushing ourselves to look beyond all the narratives and view the bigger picture not to miss this instrumental opportunity. It can be a challenge in itself, as we are all being bombarded with news and information that can pull you in many directions, distract, scatter and overwhelm.

How is it possible to stay grounded during such seeming chaos?

How do we adjust to all the changes taking place without giving up our freedoms?

How do we start to live and create the most aligned reality for the world and ourselves?

During this two-day workshop, Franco will go more in-depth in exploring your true self and assisting in broadening your perspective. We will be accessing all that is necessary to move through these times with more ease and fluidity while utilizing the full opportunity of advancement you have provided yourself. You have tremendous inner resources available, waiting for you to transform your current reality and world.

The workshop is specifically designed to provide what you need along your journey at different stages. The content and tools are upgraded right to the day of the workshop to provide you with the latest.

Some of the things we will be covering and doing together:

  • A process to bring you to the current moment & accessing your highest version
  • Pulling away from different narratives and shifting focus
  • Unravelling from the inverted matrix, systems and world
  • The ease of getting lost in the ego-mind world/reality
  • Shifting focus from fear, safety & survival to flourishing
  • Reversing the process of being driven by what we have been exposed to
  • Shifting your attention away from your adopted beliefs and what we've learned as a way of life
  • Dropping the expectation of others to change our world and stepping up to your role
  • Reversing the process of relinquishing our power to others
  • Unravelling from the perceived idea of authority
  • A look at who's path are you following and realign
  • Moving into clarity and understanding from being paralyzed by confusion & overwhelm
  • Profound effects of diet, what you watch, what you drink, where you put your attention, a look at some changes
  • Tuning into what really is going on amongst all we hear & are exposed to
  • Seeing beyond the current situation & path
  • What is the bigger picture
  • What does your New World feel like (process)
  • You have to feel it before you can see it
  • Who's life have you been living, stepping into your own
  • Meditation/activation

It will be a workshop with many processes and tools that will further help you stay in the driver seat of your life and steer it in the direction that brings you into alignment with your higher purpose.

We want to encourage as many people as possible to join us. Please share the information about this workshop with all your friends and family!

The more of us coming together and creating a shift in oneself, the more effective it will be to shift things globally!

Your Instructor

Franco DeNicola
Franco DeNicola

Franco DeNicola is a spiritual guide dedicated to assisting humanity in these times of great individual and collective changes. From an early age, Franco’s access to higher dimensions of consciousness allowed him to recognize our true spiritual nature and understand our greater purpose for being on earth – which is to experience, play and evolve as souls on a physical journey.

Because humanity is transitioning from an ego-driven and fear-based world to one that is aligned with our true nature of peace, oneness, compassion and cooperation; it is with a great love that Franco dedicates himself to sharing his insights with others to facilitate this evolutionary leap forward.

Franco’s work is aimed at assisting individuals in creating beneficial consciousness shifts and realignments within their personal lives, so that they may not only lead more fulfilling lives, but become the agents of change our world needs.

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  See Beyond Your Current Perception To Live A New Reality
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