How To Utilize And Navigate Our New Organic 3D & 5D Worlds

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How To Utilize And Navigate Our New Organic 3D & 5D Worlds

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October 5th 2019

September brought in some never before experienced changes that further defined the direction and nature of the reality we are ready and willing to play in. This brings a new level of playing power to the table, requiring conscious consideration in how we want to utilize, navigate and create with it.

We are now residing in the planetary frequency that is more fine-tuned to our particular advancement. We have been provided with the opportunity to more freely explore the organic 3D and 5D independently while eliminating the 2D and the inverted 3D support. Making this a very unique time on our journey, which has been long-awaited. More than ever, we have the opportunity to advance in ways that were not as possible before.

More than ever we are in the driver seat of our reality while being in the most supportive playground for our particular journey. Further changes are continuing to unfold during the rest of the year to support us with our movement forward.

By embracing these shifts and changes it will take us to yet another stage in our growth where we can fully release the illusions and programs of the inverted 3D Matrix (Ego) and recreate from a higher perspective.

Join us in exploring how we can individually shift our operating system. Explore how the current energies and world we reside in are supporting us in a way that has never been felt before!

During this one-day workshop Franco looked at:

• What took place between August 28th and September 16th, 2019, and how it changed the landscape of our journey.

• How do things function now that the changes have taken place and what else to expect

• What was the impetus behind this relocation

• Changes in the inverted Matrix

• Why, for the most part, do things seem the same after the changes?

• How to connect with 3D and 5D

• Utilizing the energy of 3D & 5D

• The process of letting go of the old inverted 3D and 2D

• Not playing with the old reality as it was, but playing with the upgraded version

• A new way to play life – letting go of Traditions

• We won't experience a new up-grade if we keep playing with the old stuff

• What is it that we need to let go of?

• It's up to us to direct our life

• Are we still going to be involved in or see the inverted 3D or 2D?

• People will receive whatever frequency stream they are ready for - 3D or 5D

• It's about choosing what you do at this moment regardless of circumstances and situations

• Do you have to let go of religion to go to organic 3D?

• What does organic 3D and 5D look like, and how do I integrate and use it to shift my reality?

• Being conscious of who you connect with, what you watch, how much power you give to the environment you live in

• Expectations = limitations, blocks and disappointments

• Processes

• Meditation/Activation

This will be a day well spent towards gaining a better understanding of our new playground, and how to become a more conscious creator and shift your reality!

This was an information-packed day with several processes during the workshop and closing guided meditation activation to integrate the work done and to make the experience more powerful.

The more of us coming together and creating a shift in oneself, the more effective it will be to shift things globally.

Please share the information about these recordings with all your friends and family!

The more of us coming together and creating a shift in oneself, the more effective it will be to shift things globally.

Check it out!!

Your Instructor

Franco DeNicola
Franco DeNicola

Franco DeNicola is a spiritual guide dedicated to assisting humanity in these times of great individual and collective changes. From an early age, Franco’s access to higher dimensions of consciousness allowed him to recognize our true spiritual nature and understand our greater purpose for being on earth – which is to experience, play and evolve as souls on a physical journey.

Because humanity is transitioning from an ego-driven and fear-based world to one that is aligned with our true nature of peace, oneness, compassion and cooperation; it is with a great love that Franco dedicates himself to sharing his insights with others to facilitate this evolutionary leap forward.

Franco’s work is aimed at assisting individuals in creating beneficial consciousness shifts and realignments within their personal lives, so that they may not only lead more fulfilling lives, but become the agents of change our world needs.

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  How to Utilize and Navigate Organic 3D & 5D
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