Extensive 7 Day Self Discovery Retreat

Releasing, Connecting, Recreating

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Extensive 7-Day Self-Discovery Retreat!

Releasing the 3D Illusion

Connecting with our True Essence

Recreating our Reality & Life

Summer 2019

This 7-day retreat recording is for anyone who is unquestionably committed to the next level of this human experience and are ready to truly let go of the 3D illusion and establish a deep connection to their true essence and their creative abilities!

This kind of commitment requires fearlessness to bring to the surface the programs and beliefs that carry powerful barriers to our own self-realization, letting go of their old self and access the vision and focus to create a 5th dimensional human experience.

If you are growing weary of re-experiencing the same emotional “lows,” patterns and limited life…

If you would like to truly re-create a different reality and access your true potential…

If you would like to permanently move out of any victim roles or roles where it seems that you are giving your power away…

If you desire to BE the example and live from a 5th dimensional consciousness…

This workshop will leave no program uncovered and shine the light on the illusionary 3D life and false matrix that humanity has been slave to for thousands of years! In this workshop you will be tuned into and connected to your creative powers to redirect and transform your life! This workshop will be for those who want take full ownership and responsibility for every aspect of their life and take the steps to shift it!

We are now really feeling that major shifts and different times are upon us. 2019 will be a pivotal year to prepare us for the changes we will see in 2020. We are the ones responsible for these changes and we are the ones shifting our world. It is up to us to put forth our most genuine and authentic self to facilitate the most profound changes! We are the answer to our global shift!

In this 7-day workshop replay Franco will assist in expanding your consciousness and lead you through a series of intense processes facilitating a higher understanding of this human experience through fifth dimensional expression and connection. You will be guided to release programs and access your own 5th. dimensional consciousness to shift and recreate your personal reality.

Some of what we explored and immersed ourselves in over the 7 days!

  • Meeting who you are beyond this physical existence (process involved)
  • Determining from your higher self and human entity your current life purpose and getting directions to move forward (process involved)
  • Re-establishing and experiencing a more direct connection with your soul, human entity, body and mind consciousness (processes involved)
  • How to utilize your third eye.
  • How our brain works
  • Creating a shift to live more in alignment with your higher perspective while expanding your life experience and purpose
  • Living life beyond this physical experience
  • What shaped us and what part did we have in it
  • Letting go of past, restructuring your timeline, living in the moment and being fully present (process involved)
  • Process of shifting from 3rd. to 5th. dimensional conscious creation while functioning in 4th. density (process involved)
  • A look at your desires, how much is your own desires, someone else’s or a collective adoption
  • Understanding emotions, the role they play, how it can take over, and how it can be utilized
  • Connecting and tapping into infinite resources (process involved)
  • Identifying distractions, obsolete agreements and roles and release them (process involved)
  • How and why we take on beliefs, perceptions programs, labels and identities, identifying when we are done with them and how to release them
  • A look at different relationships, the roles involved, and how to shift them to meet your current journey
  • Nurturing a relationship with yourself
  • Maintaining communication with Higher Self while navigating the human experience
  • Addressing the illusion of limiting beliefs and programs and release them (process involved)
  • Breaking free from our own patterned behaviour, automatic default and program loops
  • Shifting how our current environment & lifestream affects our life journey and how it affects many levels of our self
  • Going deeper into understanding the mechanics of how we function, think, feel, respond and perceive our reality
  • Understanding the difference between attraction and creation, and how to re-design our reality and life experience more effectively
  • Playing with the idea of giving our power away, what is that & how does that work, and go back into the driver seat of your life
  • What is self-responsibility and how does it work
  • The real purpose of Ego, how it came about, how much power it has and recognizing the subtleties of its craft in action, and shifting it.
  • Creating a shifting from an ego-driven life to one of true self and purpose
  • A look at our choices and directions in life and how to align them with our current path and purpose
  • Your commitment and responsibility – are you really prepared to move to the next level
  • Unpacking our excuses for not taking action steps
  • Bringing programs and beliefs to the surface where we can see them
  • Practicing how to clear our programs on our own and with others
  • The importance of being congruent in your thoughts, words and actions
  • Staying in alignment with your soul
  • A close look at our true human design
  • What’s shaping up for the rest of the year
  • What does 2020 have in store for us
  • Utilizing a meditation practice and making it a useful tool
  • A time to view personal challenges – bringing in your Higher Self awareness to guide you to a higher perspective. It will be a guided process.
  • Processes
  • Meditation/activation

Milan Likon, Joanne Holtby and Daniela Kaufman shared their skills and talents to further enhance our retreat experience!

Exploring with Energy and Our Body

Exploring with Energy and Our Body

Milan Likon and Joanne Holtby will be providing instruction daily in experiential practices that will encompass the concept of energy flow and the body.
This will include introduction to and practical exercises of moving and connecting to the energy flow within the body using sound vibration, breath, movement and visualization.
These practices can then be utilized as part of your personal daily routines to enrich your connection with the energetic systems that are available to us all.

Included will be: Kundalini yoga, Taoism energetic flow, Gong and Tibetan Bowls. Also included is an evening event with Ceremonial Drum, Flute and Sound Meditation.

Joanne and Milan have been exploring for many years, the nature of energy and vibration as it relates to the human body energy system. Ancient knowledge is returning to help us remember how to connect to and utilize the incredible energetic systems that are available to us in this world. Their intention is to show how we can best become attuned to these energies in a manner that can be helpful to us during this great time of transformation. Their goal is to help you experience applicable and fun ways to make these connections as we move into a more expansive way of interacting with our bodies and the environment.

What is Nia?

Dancing to inspiring music, Nia is easy and fun to follow is for all ages and levels of fitness. Nia uses the body's natural movements and range of motion to achieve physical, mental and emotional health and integration. Nia is revolutionary, replacing the idea of achieving health through punishment with pleasure. It increases the pleasure of living in your body. It is holistic, encompassing the dance, healing and martial arts thereby creating a synergy that no isolated technique can match.

Painting from your Essence workshop:

Painting from your Essence was an inward journey designed with the intention to align with your own Creative Source, to deeply connect with yourself as the artist creator of your life. The journey started off with Franco doing a guided meditation after which the participants expressed through art the insight or state they reached in meditation.

These recordings will be time well spent in self-discovery!

Your Instructor

Franco DeNicola
Franco DeNicola

Franco DeNicola is a spiritual guide dedicated to assisting humanity in these times of great individual and collective changes. From an early age, Franco’s access to higher dimensions of consciousness allowed him to recognize our true spiritual nature and understand our greater purpose for being on earth – which is to experience, play and evolve as souls on a physical journey.

Because humanity is transitioning from an ego-driven and fear-based world to one that is aligned with our true nature of peace, oneness, compassion and cooperation; it is with a great love that Franco dedicates himself to sharing his insights with others to facilitate this evolutionary leap forward.

Franco’s work is aimed at assisting individuals in creating beneficial consciousness shifts and realignments within their personal lives, so that they may not only lead more fulfilling lives, but become the agents of change our world needs.

Frequently Asked Questions

When will I receive the retreat recordings?
The recordings will be available as soon as we can edit and organize them and put them on Teachable. Hopefully within 2 weeks of the retreat ending. We will send out an email when they have been uploaded.
If I attend the retreat will I get the recordings for free?
Yes! The recordings will be here on Teachable for you to access anytime once they have been posted!

Through these recordings you can enjoy your own 7 day Self Discovery adventure!

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