Embracing And Mastering Change

How to navigate Change!

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Embracing And Mastering Change

A lot of us have faced many challenges during this time of change. No matter how we label it, good or bad, all those challenges are meant to serve our higher wellbeing and the best interest of the human collective. 2018 had a very different theme than the previous year. The energetic focus of 2018 was around change, and it has affected much of our human experience and world.

We can experience change as supportive and with ease, or get caught in the waves and have a rough ride. You can choose what kind of experience you would like to have! In this afternoon workshop Franco shares how we can embrace and master these changes so we can put our focus on the benefits and make a more conscious decision as to how we respond to the challenges that show up.

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Franco DeNicola
Franco DeNicola

Franco DeNicola is a spiritual guide dedicated to assisting humanity in these times of great individual and collective changes. From an early age, Franco’s access to higher dimensions of consciousness allowed him to recognize our true spiritual nature and understand our greater purpose for being on earth – which is to experience, play and evolve as souls on a physical journey.

Because humanity is transitioning from an ego-driven and fear-based world to one that is aligned with our true nature of peace, oneness, compassion and cooperation; it is with a great love that Franco dedicates himself to sharing his insights with others to facilitate this evolutionary leap forward.

Franco’s work is aimed at assisting individuals in creating beneficial consciousness shifts and realignments within their personal lives, so that they may not only lead more fulfilling lives, but become the agents of change our world needs.

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  Embracing And mastering Change
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